Remi Chapeaublanc | Photographer

Riding the Silent Storm

« These cracks opening underfoot seem to have hypnotized me, rendering me indifferent. My dogs start off abruptly and begin to run with an unusual frenzy, as if they wanted to remove me from an omnipresent threat. I cannot see anything; everything is white, a biting and freezing white that whips my face, making it painful to breathe. I try to catch a glimpse of the other sleds in the distance in front of me, trying to decipher the various shapes in shades of white. Vibrations from another sled are approaching. I make out my brother in the mist shouting to motivate his dogs. Not a sound reaches my ears. I cross this silent storm, protecting myself in any way possible. »

Following a traumatic event, Rémi Chapeaublanc hits the road again, abandoning his motorbike for a team of dogs that will take him across Khuvsgul Lake, 140 km (approx. 87 miles) long, in northern Mongolia. The expedition proves to be a source of unexpected metaphors giving substance to the healing process of which he will be both protagonist and spectator.

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